4 Options For Repairing Damaged Residential Windows

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If your home has suffered damage to one or more of its windows, you may be wondering what the options are for having the windows repaired or replaced by a professional. If you've been wanting to upgrade your windows anyway, replacement may be a good option. But it's not necessarily the only option. In fact, depending on the type and severity of the damage, you may have several options. Here are some examples of possible types of repairs to damaged windows in your home.

1. Polish out scratches

If your window is simply scratched, your window glass repair technician may be able to simply polish it out. Trying this on your own isn't recommended, especially with deeper scratches, since some windows respond better to this repair than others and professional materials and techniques are more likely to have good results.

Your window repair professionals may be able to perform this type of repair if the window simply has surface scratches, or if it's been etched with graffiti. If the window is especially susceptible to scratch damage (due to its placement, for instance), your window professionals may also recommend applying a special coating to protect the surface of the window from future scratches.

2. Replace a pane of glass

If you have a window that has one pane of glass broken out of the window, you may not need to replace the entire window. If the window is made up of multiple small panes, your repair professionals may be able to repair the window with just one new pane of glass while leaving the other panes in place. Don't confuse a multi-pane window construction with a double-or triple-glazed window construction (sometimes called double-pane or triple-pane windows). 

3. Repair lock damage

In some cases, your window may have damage to the lock in addition to (or instead of) damage to the panes of glass. In many cases, window professionals may be able to repair or replace the window lock itself, avoiding a larger and more expensive replacement.

4. Replace the entire window

If the damage to the window is too extensive, your window repair professionals may recommend that you simply replace the entire window. For example, if one or more layers of a triple-glazed window are broken, you may need to replace the entire window unit. A double-glazed window whose seals have failed and let condensation fog the window from inside is another top candidate for replacement.

These are some of the types of repairs you may have available for damaged or broken windows in your home. Get in touch with a residential glass repair service to see which of these may apply to your situation.

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