5 Glass Repairs That Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

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Windows in good repair should provide for some energy efficiency by preventing drafts as well as interior heated or cooled air loss. If you have problems with the glass, a quick repair is necessary so your energy bills don't get out of control.

1. Loose Panes 

Do your windows seem to rattle when you close a door or when it's windy, or do you feel them shudder in the frame when you open and close the window? If so, you have loose window panes that are letting in drafts and compromising energy efficiency. Loose panes are also more likely to break. Reglazing the windows will solve the problem and stop the energy loss. 

2. Worn Caulking

Caulking around window panes as well as the window frames is designed to both hold the window in place and prevent drafts and inside air loss. Over time caulking can dry out and begin to crack or peel. A glass repair technician will remove the old failing caulking and replace it with new. This means no more drafts and nicer-looking windows. 

3. Cracked Panes

Cracks and chips allow drafts in while also allowing heated or cooled air to escape — all things that lead to less energy efficiency. In some cases, a chip can be repaired, but cracked panes will almost always require replacement. It is much more cost-effective to replace only the damaged pane than it is to replace the entire window frame. 

4. External Hazing

Hazing can be caused by small chips or hard water deposits. Both types give the glass a hazy appearance, which can block energy gained from sunlight that would otherwise help warm the home in winter. Chip hazing is more common in areas with lots of loose debris, like sand, and high winds. Clear sealants can be applied over the glass to regain clarity. Hard water deposits require special cleaners to remove. Hazing removal can lower heating bills in winter. 

5. Internal Condensation

Condensation buildup between glass panes occurs only if the seal on multi-paned efficiency windows fails. When this happens, the insulating gas between the glass escapes and moisture makes its way in. Some repair services are able to blow out the moisture and clean out between the panes. They then repair the blown seals and attach a special patch that allows condensation to escape. You won't regain all the efficiency lost with the insulative gas, but you will regain some. 

Contact a residential glass repair service if you suspect damaged windows are compromising your home's energy efficiency. 

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